About Me

Dr Shakil Malik


Locum Consultant – Care of the Elderly/Frailty & General/Internal Medicine



Core Skills

  • I pride myself for being committed, appreciative, respectful and excellent.
  • My vision & values are Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage & Commitment & these are integral part of my practice to provide & maintain high standard of care to all my patients.
  • At the core of my practice is a desire and willingness to communicate well and to put the patient and their wishes first. Many of my patients have multiple co-morbidities and as such I am well qualified to care for them.
  • Professional Ability to work independently
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Ability to multitask and work under pressure
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Acclaimed for making informed decisions to manage variety of patient ailments.
  • Skilled in the delivery of medical advice and management plan with a focus on patient assessment, correct diagnosis & effective treatment.
  • Achieved high patient’s satisfaction reports by providing exceptional care & support.
  • Well experienced in patient education on diagnosis, treatment and advance life care planning.
  • Enjoy the challenge and rewards of teaching and consider it an integral and vital part of my own continuing education
  • Regularly participated in service development projects and clinical effectiveness meetings throughout my career.
  • Holistic patient care is an integral part of my training and practice.

Humanitarian Services

  • Free Humanitarian Services without any discrimination.
  • We are ZERO%  Admin cost Organization and 100% of Donation goes to deserving people. We all/Trustees/Board members and ambassadors are volunteer worker for the HUMANITY.
  • Trustee. 2014-2020 Association of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons of the UK Foundation, UK
  • A UK-registered charity (no 1163957) – an independent and not-for-profit organisation with no political motives
  • Has been working with 6 other Trustees to deliver community and charity, carry out fundraising activities and organise the annual general meeting
  • Organising health awareness events across the UK
  • Participating in televised health awareness programmes to promote disease prevention
  • Trustee and Board of Director. 2004-2020 Association of Pakistani Physicians and Surgeons of the UK, UK
  • Winning the award for Executive Member of the Year 2011
  • Preparing the Manual of Paramedics Refresher Courses in Pakistan
  • Working with other Directors to determine the strategy and direction of the association
  • Approving and reviewing organisational rules and regulations to ensure effective maintenance, support and viability of the organisation
  • Appointing and dismissing staff
  • Medical Officer -2001-2003
  • Khurshid Abad Rural Health Centre, Pakistan- Azad Kashmir

Charity Projects Completed & Ongoing in UK & AJK-Pakistan

Restore the sight project

Earthquake rehabilitation project Mirpur AJK

 Ramadhan Food packages distribution covering all AJK

 Financial wedding packages to poor families -ongoing

APPSUK F Sewing training school project- in pipeline

BLS/CPR Training Courses

Health Education awareness workshops,

Elderly Day centre

 Qurbani projects

 Free Medical clinics

Ambulance project

Provision of food to homeless people in UK

Supporting Elderly during COVID-19 Pandemic

About Dr Shakil Malik’s Professional Profile

About Dr Malik, An accomplished Doctor with a genuine passion for medicine and a commitment to deliver exceptionally high standards of care to all patients. Possesses experience in Geriatrics, Frailty and rehabilitation medicine, General/internal Medicine, ortho-geriatrics, accident and emergency, haematology, acute medicine, general and internal medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, psychiatry and general practice.

More About Dr Malik

About Dr Malik

I pride myself for being committed, appreciative, respectful and excellent.
My vision & values are Care, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage & Commitment & these are integral part of my practice to provide & maintain high standard of care to all my patients.

About Dr Malik, OUTSTANDING CQC RATING OF MY WARD- during CQC visit at Pennine NHS Trust at Fairfield General Hospital (March-2018) my ward (care of Elderly) was rated as outstanding ward.
About Dr Malik, Providing a high quality service in general and Geriatric Medicine to all patients supported by appropriate evidence base guidelines and clinical governance structure.
  • Leading & contributing to the multi-disciplinary team working Board Rounds, Ward rounds. Mentoring & offering advice to medical, nursing, managerial, and other staff on appropriate matters.
  • To carry out medical teaching, examination, and accreditation duties as required.
  • Participating in the formal appraisal of junior medical staff in accordance with guidelines from the Royal College of Physicians and the regional postgraduate dean.
  • Contributing to postgraduate and continuing medical education activity including continuing professional development.
  • Participating, Supervising and leading the Department’s audit strategy. Ensuring that all national audits (e.g. Dementia, falls) are undertaken and results acted on. Encouraging Junior Doctors to undertake local audits of patient care in Geriatric Medicine/frailty.
  • Always taking responsibility for a commitment to maintaining a high quality service to patients by continual development of practice in the light of research evidence and by audit based against clinical relevant standards.
  • Providing information as required from time to time for legitimate management purposes, for example to support job planning, service development etc.
  • Contributing to the management process within the trust through participation in planning, project or liaison groups as appropriate. In particular fully involving in specialty and divisional level business meetings.

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