RIST Education Limited UK

To transform your dreams into reality, the next revolution is never far away. This is a place where education is a force for positive change.
We are here because you have a dream: to advance or change your career, to immerse yourself in a subject you love, to meet future mentors, colleagues and friends. At The Royal institute of Science & Technology you’ll find an incredible range of opportunities to take these next steps. You’ll see your dreams take shape and become real.
Our aim is to produce graduates of high Caliber distinguished for their depth of knowledge, professional competence, knack and energy to put their knowledge to practical applications, the best human being and the best professional.
They are to become enlightened moderate individuals exhibiting attributes of positivism, tolerance and optimism, capable of responding to modern
Challenges and tackling problems with courage and determination. Graduates are imbued with moral courage, freedom of thought, perseverance and to
Serve their community & country with dedication.
International Opportunities
Our aim is to provide & open doors of international opportunities for our students
1- Video linked lectures from UK
2- UK standard training
3- Ethical education
4- Visiting Lectures from UK & Pakistan 5- Job opportunities in UK
6- Sponsorship programs
7- Support & guidance from Royal college of Nursing UK

8- UK Trained Drs/Nurses to support & guide our students throughout educational period.
Increasing training & Career opportunities.


Dr Areeba Ejaz

 Dr. Shakil Malik 

  Mr. Shuja Rehman

 Mr.Tariq Mehmood

  Mr.Taimur Shafique Malik



Food Packages Distribution during


APPS UK Foundation AJK Team ongoing food packages distribution in Azad Kashmir

At this critical time APPS UK Foundation AJK team stands shoulder to shoulder with every one.

As always APPS UK F AJK team in action and supporting all deserving families by providing food for whole month.

APPS UK F AJK volunteers in supervision of Trustees Dr Shakil Malik & AJK Chapter Chair-M Malik Butt working round the clock to support & serve the humanity.

APPS UK F is a 0% admin cost charity and 100% of your donation goes to deserving people.

Let’s join hands with Dr Shakil Malik and Team  and donate generously to make a difference in people’s lives.

We’ve a target of providing food items to 1,200 families.

Food items per month for single family costs only  2750 Rs/15£ approx.

Dr Shakil Malik Along APPS UK Foundation  AJK Team keeping proper record & contact details of all such families for clarity, transparency & for audit purposes